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            Add Details to Job Openings

            Share additional details in your job posts that can let workers know more about the job. 

            You can also request specific profile items from the applicants. This helps attract the right kind of workers to your places.

            First, you need to get to the add opening card.
            If you are not sure how to get to the add opening card, read Post Job Openings to Your Places.

            Add Opening Card

            This is what the add opening card looks like for a native job post.
            Enter the job opening title and description information. You can easily copy and paste a detailed job description into this area.
            All WorkHere native job posts can appear in a Google job search. Google algorithms prefer posts with quality content, so it is to your advantage to share as much detailed information with a job seeker as possible in the description section.
            Once job details are added, the Add Details button is activated.
            Click Add Details button.

            Pay-Rate Box

            Now you see a pay-rate box.
            You can enter a single rate, like $15.00 per hour for an hourly paid position.

            Click Add Salary Range + to see salary range box.

            Salary-Range Box

            You may prefer to add a salary range rather than a single rate.

            Click More to see type of job.

            Type of Job

            Choose the type of job.

            The options are full time, part time, temporary, contract, internship, and commission.

            Select all that apply.
            For instance, you can click on full time and commission.

            Click More to see profile items.

            Profile Items

            One last pop-up box appears. It asks what profile items you want applicants to complete. Pick as many as you want, then
            click Complete button.

            If you don't require any specific profile details, just skip the section and click Complete.

            Adding details to your job openings enables you to zero in on the kind of workers for your places.
            Updated: 26 Apr 2019 03:17 AM
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