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            Blue Verified Employer Badge

            Blue Verified Employer Badge

            As an administrator of your place or places, you have a blue badge next to your 

            The blue badge lets workers know that you are a verified employer in the WorkHere network and that you would be a great connection.

            Make your personal administrative account stand out:

            • Write a great headline that lets workers know that you are a hiring manager.

            • Add your place contact information so workers can reach out to you.

            • Share your employment brand. Describe why a worker would want to consider your place. This can include sharing your website URL in the last card of your profile section.

            If you or one of your employers do not have the blue verified employer badge next to their name and they should, please contact a WorkHere success representative.  The same goes for people who no longer have admin rights over a place or places. Please contact a WorkHere success representative so we can remove the admin rights of former employees.


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