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            Connect to WorkHere Networks

            Expand your reach and connect to something bigger with WorkHere networks!

            WorkHere networks help you expand your reach and attract more followers.
            You can join all the networks you want. We recommend joining your employer network, area network, and industry network.
            This helps people find and connect to you. You can check on network activity by clicking on your My Networks tab.
            If there is a worker in an area or industry network that has not discovered your employer network, you can follow them to initiate a connection with them.
            Once connected, you can invite them to explore your employer network and its places!

            Your places should be part of multiple networks.

            Networks are the fastest way to build connections in WorkHere. 
            Your places can be part of all different kinds of WorkHere networks.
            There is no limit to how many companies, employers, partners, schools, community organizations, areas, and industries
            that can have networks in WorkHere. A little time invested in making sure your places are in the most relevant networks is the best way to target your desired audience and expand your reach.

            Here are a some of the first kinds of networks you should consider:

            Employer networks

            Employer networks are a great way for workers to see all of your places in one view.
            For instance, the Crew Carwash network shows their 30 places. The first place that appears is the one that is closest to your current location.
            Franchises can distinguish themselves with their own network too—this helps a franchise promote its individual brand apart from the place brands that may be in the franchise.

            Area Networks

            Next, you and your place(s) should join area networks.
            We recommend that you start by making sure that your place is part of its city/town network and your county or region network. This lets workers know what
            businesses in each town are in the WorkHere network and which place is closest to them. This is great for workers who are open to all kinds of jobs and are
            specifically looking for a place that is close to home. 

            Here, the Zionsville WorkHere network lists 16 places and starts with Orangetheory Fitness  because that is the Zionsville business that is closest to the WorkHere office.

            Industry Networks

            Another kind of network you may want to consider joining is the industry network. Industry networks show workers places that are hiring for specific kinds of positions they may be interested in. The place that shows up at the top of the list is the place that is closest to them. This helps a worker find the kind of job they like close to home! 

            Here, you see a network called Healthcare Jobs in Central Indiana. The place that shows up first is Lifespan Therapy because this is the place closest to the WorkHere office.

            Have fun exploring WorkHere networks and expanding your reach by joining relevant networks!

            For additional assistance leaning about networks or setting up a new network, please contact the WorkHere Success team at

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