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            Edit or Close Place Job Openings

            Place Owners can edit and close place job openings in WorkHere.

            Before you get started, make sure you have the blue, verified-employer badge next to your name. This means that you are a place owner (an employer admin) in WorkHere. If not, please contact

            Need help accessing your places? Go to this helpful article:

            Don't have any jobs posted yet? Go to this helpful article:

            Update Existing Native Job Posts

            Once you can access your places and jobs, you can go in to update your native job openings.

            •       Click on the Jobs tile in the selected place card.


            •      Click on Admin in the tab bar.

            •      Click on Openings.

            •      Click on the three edit dots to the right of the job opening you want to close. A box will appear that says, Edit and Close.

            • If you close the job, it will now appear below the open jobs. Closed jobs can be re-opened by clicking on the three edit dots to the right of it. A box will appear that says, Edit and Open.

            1. If you edit the job, be sure to add valuable content to the description sections and to select all pertinent job details. All native WorkHere job posts can appear in a Google jobs search. Google's algorithms prefer quality content—so the more detailed, the better! Your native WorkHere job post will also have your place's latitude and longitude coordinates automatically assigned to it, so you can personalize the details to be very place specific. Your WorkHere subscription allows you to post as many jobs or opportunities to a single place as you like.

            You can also update any external job links that may be posted.
            External job links take an applicant out of WorkHere and lands the applicant in an external source of your choice.
            Please ensure the the link is up to date, functions, and lands the applicant on a page that is relevant to that particular job's application process.

                  • Click on External Links

                  •Click on the edit dots to the right to Edit or Close an external link.


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