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            Engage with Place Contacts

            Who are place contacts?

            Place contacts are:

            • Place managers or workers who are involved in the hiring process.
            • Place owners who have WorkHere admin rights.
                  Place owners can operate out of corporate offices or be place managers.

            What do the place contacts do?

            Place contacts can do the following:

            • Build connections by following back place followers.
            • Build connections by following back people who follow them.
            • Communicate with connections! Place contacts can send emails to connections.
                  For instance, place contacts can let connections know if they will be at a nearby job fair 
                  or will be hosting a hiring event.

            Where do I find the list of place contacts?

            To see a list of place contacts:

            1. Click on Places.
            2. Select Nearby or Following.
            3. Select and click on a Place in the list.
            4. Click on Contacts.

            If the Contacts button does not appear, then the place is not listing any contacts.

            Why should I initiate a connection with a place contact?

            Place contacts are people who have a role in the hiring process at a place and can share relevant information. Follow them so they will notice you. If they follow you back that forms a connection. Connections can view one another's profiles and contact one another. Building your connections in WorkHere helps you stand out and get noticed!

            Updated: 18 Jul 2018 02:09 PM
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