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            Platform Reference Guide

            Creating Your Account

            1. You will receive an email asking to verify your WorkHere account. Click Verify Email. This will direct you to the WorkHere platform. Allow WorkHere to access your location.

            1. To change your password, go to the WorkHere “W” in the top left corner.

            1. Click Account.

            1. Click Change Password. Your temporary password is welcome1. Click Submit.. 

            Note: If you forget your password, reach out to WorkHere Client Success to reset it. 

            1. To access your account in the future, go to and login. You can also download the WorkHere app on your phone!

            Accessing Your Candidates

            1. Click the WorkHere “W”. Next, click Employer Admin.

            1. Click My Candidates

            1. Access your full list of candidates with chat notes. You can click on each to view their profiles and reach out to them via call or email. 

            Note: A candidate that says “Applicant” and not “Delivered” has not spoken with the Chat Team - 

            they have applied directly through our platform. The Chat Team will still reach out to this candidate 

            and re-deliver them if they are both interested and qualified. 

            Email Notifications

            1. Once you verify your WorkHere email and profile, you will begin to receive email notifications with candidate information. Below is an example:  

            Note: Emails include the candidate’s name, contact information, which location they applied to, and 

            chat notes. This notification is clickable and will direct you to the candidate’s WorkHere profile. 

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