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            Post Job Openings to Your Places

            Post job openings to your places directly in WorkHere.

            Post exactly which jobs are available at specific places.
            Place followers will be notified when job openings are added directly to the WorkHere app so they can be some of the first to apply.

            Need to edit or update existing job posts? Go to this helpful article:

            Before you get started, make sure you have the blue, verified-employer badge next to your name. This means that you are a place admin in WorkHere. If you do not see it, please contact

            You need to access your places to manage your place jobs.

            Need help accessing your places? Go to this helpful article:

            Now, you can select the place where you wish to post the job(s).
            • Click on the Jobs tile in the selected place card.

            • Click on Admin in the tab bar.

            • Click on Add Opening.

            • Add the job opening title and write a brief description.
            Click post job.

            • And finally, a pop-up box will appear asking if you want to notify your followers of this opening.
                        If you want an easy way to connect with and inform all of your followers—click YES.

            Updated: 24 Jan 2019 02:55 AM
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