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            Build a Profile That Stands out

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            Make your profile stand out—give employers a reason to narrow their search down to you!

            Be Taken Seriously by Employers
            Every profile should have at least a legal first and last name, email address, and phone number to be seriously considered by employers.

            Get Noticed by Employers
            A stronger profile that will help get you noticed by employers includes a profile photo, a headline, a summary, skills, employment history, and education history.

            Promote Yourself!
            Workers who have volunteer experience, military experience, special certifications or licenses, or wish to promote themselves by sharing a URL have the opportunity to share this information in designated profile cards. Don't be shy! Show employers what you're made of!

            The following offers information and tips for filling out each card in your profile:

            1. Add a profile photo.

            Employers want to see what you look like to build familiarity. Add a simple headshot to make your profile stand out and help you get noticed!

            If you need directions on how to add or change your profile photo, go to the following link:

            Employers want to know your legal first and last name. Providing your legal first and last name is the most professional way to present yourself and it tells employers you are serious about getting a job. Once you start your job you can let your coworkers know your preferred nickname, if you have one.

            3. Add your email address.

            Employers want to be able to contact you and to be able to communicate with you through email. Add a current email address that works and that you check frequently.

            WorkHere verifies emails to make sure that they work. Once you submit an email to WorkHere, you will receive an email from WorkHere Accounts. Open this email and click on the Verify Email button.

            4. Add your phone numbers and type of phones.

            Employers may want to communicate with you with a phone call or text. Enter the phone number of the phone you want an employer to contact you on. Next, select what kind of phone it is so an employer can know how to use the phone number. 

            5. Add your headline.

            A headline shares your current job title or positive attributes or traits about yourself that you would like to promote. The headline appears next to the profile picture and underneath your name in the top profile card.

            6. Add your summary.

            A summary is a brief description that can tell about your past or current work or school experience, share what your talents are, share what you are passionate about, and/or explain what you want to do.

            7. Add your skills.

            Skills tell employers what you are good at doing. Employers look for hard and soft skills. Hard skills are usually acquired through formal education and training programs. Hard skills consist of the expertise necessary to perform specific jobs. Examples of hard skills include accounting, machine operation, carpentry, typing, data management, welding, or proficiency in a foreign language. Soft skills usually refer to how professional you are in the workplace and how well you interact with other people. Examples of soft skills include punctual, hard-working, team player, problem solver and motivated.

            Skills on WorkHereSkills on WorkHere

            8. Add your employment history.

            Employers want to know what other jobs you have had in the past. This tells them what you have spent the most time doing.
            Be sure to include positions that are related to what you want to keep doing in the future. 

            9. Add your education.

            Employers want to know what level of education you have completed and what you may be in the process of completing. This is also a great place to highlight any certifications you have earned.

            10. Add your addresses.

            Employers want to know how close to work you live. 

            11. Add your volunteer history.

            You may not have a lot of paid employment experience and that's okay! Show off projects you have worked on and organizations that you have contributed your time and talent to. These volunteer experiences build up your hard and soft skills and tell employers that you are a passionate individual who is motivated to contribute to society!

            12. Add your military history.

            Be proud of your military experience! Adding your military history can be beneficial—especially if you are using your military history to highlight the hard and soft skills you acquired during your tenure.

            If you are a veteran or an active Reserve or Guard Member you are protected from discrimination under the Uniformed Service Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). You can click on the link to go to the United States Department of Labor's web page about this topic.

            13. Add any licenses you have earned.

            Employers want to know if you are licensed in any particular area. Teachers, nurses, and real estate brokers need licenses to practice in their respective fields. Food-service workers can be licensed in food handling. This may be desirable if you wish to act as a manager or more senior role in the food-service industry.

            14. Share websites that promote your best qualities.

            Perhaps you want to promote your web-design skills or show an employer the website of an organization that may have pictures of you volunteering or winning an award. Promote yourself!

            You probably won't fill our every card in the profile section—but hopefully, there are enough options to give you a chance to put your best face forward and get you noticed by a local employer looking for a worker like you! Good luck!
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