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            Southeast Clips Builds Hiring Success with WorkHere

            Greg Thomas, president at LSGF Management, knows smart, targeted advertising and quick communication are the fundamental keys to growing his Southeast Clips family, an LSGF Management portfolio company.

            LSGF Management is all about growth.

            Life’s Short. Grow Fast.

            Take a second look at the LSGF business philosophy and you can see how they got their name. This philosophy fuels how they operate and grow 150+ retail and quick service food locations across the southeast.

            LSGF Management supports:

            • Southeast Clips: Great Clips in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina

            • Spark Wireless: T-Mobile Premium Retailer Stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee

            • Smooth Ventures: Smoothie King stores in Georgia.

            Growing fast is challenging.

            LSGF Management’s particular challenge is staffing and retaining licensed stylists at its 50+ Southeast Clips stores.

            There are only so many licensed cosmetologists in a given area. Greg Thomas knew that if he could target and engage nearby cosmetologists, then he could sell them the benefits of working for one of his successful, busy salons and being part of the Southeast Clips family.

            WorkHere targets, engages, and delivers the right talent.

            WorkHere devised various social media and internet advertising campaigns for Southeast Clips. WorkHere advertising targets licensed cosmetologists who live and work near Southeast Clips locations.

            The WorkHere chat team engages with the interested workers who respond to the ads. Their job is to screen the interested workers to make sure they are licensed cosmetologists and live near a Southeast Clips salon. Once it is determined that the worker could be a potential candidate, they promote the benefits Southeast Clips has to offer and send the candidate’s profile with helpful referral notes over to Greg Thomas. This is where the real magic happens.

            Greg Thomas reaches out quickly and has a great pitch.

            Greg, who has a background in operations, marketing, and sales, really understands the power of getting his message out right away. The WorkHere chat team knows that Greg is quick to respond and they tell the candidates they deliver to him that he will be calling them within a couple of hours. Greg does just that, too. He knows that the faster he calls the candidate referrals WorkHere sends him, the greater success he will see. Greg also knows that he really only has this one chance to capture the candidate’s interest. His pitch focuses on the benefits of working at working at one of his salons—such as great pay.

            Greg said, “WorkHere listens to what my needs and challenges are in marketing job opportunities at Great Clips salons. WorkHere’s advertising style and chat team set up qualified candidates that were ready to get a call from me. I know that once they get the candidate on the hook that I can close the deal—because I know what matters to stylists. Thanks to WorkHere, I experience a 20% candidate conversion rate and my 52 Southeast Clips stores are 98% staffed. These are the best of times.”

            Greg Thomas communicates with WorkHere.

            Not only does Greg call his WorkHere candidate referrals right away with a great pitch about the benefits of working at one of his salons, but Greg also communicates well with the WorkHere client success team. He shares much of his candidate email correspondence with the WorkHere teams so they can gain insight into the types of conversations he is having with the variety of candidates WorkHere sends to him. His communications also help the client success team spot patterns and trends in candidate delivery faster.

            “We had an ad out that was capturing talent that lived too far out from Greg’s Southeast Clips salons. He let us know right away and we were able to address the issue by refining the targeted ads and the chat team’s screening process. This ensured that the candidates delivered to Greg met his needs and turned things around within one week. Open communication is the key to building and managing hiring success with WorkHere.”  said Doug Applegate, V.P. of WorkHere’s client success.

            Ready to Build your own WorkHere hiring success story?

            You can build hiring success with WorkHere’s targeted advertising, quick engagement and delivered candidate referrals too!

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            Updated: 06 Nov 2018 02:58 AM
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