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            Tips for Managing Incoming WorkHere Email Notifications

            Here are some best practices and tips for managing your incoming WorkHere email notifications.

            Depending on your company email rules you may need to request the following email notifications to be whitelisted by your IT department. This means they will not get stuck in the spam or junk folder.


            • WorkHere People:

            • WorkHere Place:

            • WorkHere Jobs:



            You can also create a WorkHere folder so notifications will go directly to that location for easy organization.


            The following screenshot shows the the kinds of notifications you can opt in and out of:


            As you can see, you can go into your account settings to opt in or out of most notifications—with the following exceptions:

            Place Owners always receive apply notifications.
            Place Owners always receive candidate delivery notifications from the community chat team.

            Please contact a WorkHere Success team member to change Place Owner status.

            For additional assistance, contact the WorkHere Success team at

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