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            Verified Employers Want to Connect with You

            Who’s who in the WorkHere network?

            Ever wonder who is looking for work compared to who is representing places in the WorkHere network? Now, you don’t have to wonder! A little blue badge appears next to some workers in the WorkHere network.

            You can see the blue badge next to my name in this snapshot of my profile card:

            Who are the workers with the blue badges?

            Workers with the blue badge have been verified by WorkHere to be people who own or work for one of our subscribing companies. They are brand ambassadors for their company—they want to connect with workers in their community so they can share what is great about working at their place. Some of these people are the actual hiring decision makers.

            Connect with verified employers.

            Verified employers want to connect to you! They work in different industries and in different communities and they want to connect with other workers who live in their communities. They may even connect you to a great nearby job.

            So what are you waiting for? Connect to verified employers and build a network of possibilities!

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