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            WorkHere Email Notifications

            A lot of actions take place in the WorkHere platform, and we want workers and employers to be notified about these actions.
            Here are the notifications that are triggered by certain actions (events) in the WorkHere platform.

            WorkHere People


            • [WorkHere] You have a new follower - (follower name) (people following you)

            WorkHere Places


            • New follower at (place name) (sent to place owner)

            • Now following (place name) (sent to worker)

            • New View at (place name) (sent to place owner)

            WorkHere Positions


            • Know When Jobs Open

              • New position(s) are now available at places you follow (sent to worker)

                • (place name) - # new jobs

            • New opening(s) at (place name) (sent to worker)

            • Saved job (sent to worker)

              • WorkHere Jobs - (place name) - (position name)

            • Saved job (name) at (place name) (sent to employer)

            • Applied to job opening (sent to worker)

            • Job viewed for (position name) at (place)  (sent to employer)

            • Applicant for (position name) at (place name) (sent to employer)

            • New Candidate (complete profile) (sent to employer)

              • This is a person who has chatted with a WorkHere community chat team agent via text.

                • The WorkHere community chat agent uses specific employer criteria to qualify workers as delivered candidates.

            WorkHere Accounts


            • Reset your password

            • Your Account Is Almost Ready

            Updated: 07 Jan 2019 11:48 PM
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